Olivia Tsihlias Awarded the Syd Vernon Graduate Student Award

Congratulations to Olivia Tsihlias for being awarded the Syd Vernon Graduate Student Award as part of the 2022 Spring Awards competition! The Syd Vernon Fund for the Disabled supports charitable organizations for the betterment of persons with mental, physical or sensory disabilities. The Fund also supports the advancement of education for those persons committed to working with people with disabilities and their families.

Tell us a little bit about your lab/ What type of research are you conducting?

As a trainee in the Zwicker Lab at BC Children’s Hospital, our research focuses on brain development in children with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD). DCD is a common but under-recognized neurodevelopmental disorder affecting one in 20 children. DCD significantly impacts a child’s ability to learn and execute motor skills such as printing, tying shoelaces, or riding a bicycle. Specifically, my research focuses on preterm children with DCD and analyses brain structure and motor outcomes before and after rehabilitation intervention.

What award did you win, and how will this help your research?

I am honoured and very grateful to receive the Syd Vernon Graduate Student Award. This award will allow me to have more balance in my school/work/life schedule and ultimately increase my research output and exploration for DCD in the preterm population.

What do you like to do outside of academia?

Living in Vancouver has been amazing! I am able to keep active year-round while enjoying my favourite activities. In the warmer months, I love playing soccer, hiking, kayaking, and sailing. In the colder months, you can find me enjoying BC’s beautiful ski hills.