April Alumni of the Month: Jasmin Ma

Name: Jasmin Ma

Program: Doctor of Philosophy in Rehabilitation Sciences (PhD)

Graduated: 2018

How would you describe your research project in the UBC Rehabilitation Sciences program?

First off, I want to acknowledge how fortunate I was to work with the students, staff, and faculty in the Rehab Sciences program. I often joke that even though I’ve changed faculties, they can’t get rid of me- there are many more collaborations to come :). While in my post-doc in the Rehab Sciences program, my research focused on supporting strength training behaviour change and developing methods for tailored physical activity interventions among people with chronic disease and disability. In particular, I love connecting with our spinal cord injury and arthritis communities to co-develop strategies and resources for getting and staying active.

Where and what is your current position?

I am an assistant professor of teaching in the School of Kinesiology at UBC and clinician investigator with Arthritis Research Canada. I teach and provide training in the areas of exercise testing, prescription, and physical activity program design and delivery. I am currently building a program of development and knowledge translation of inclusive physical activity counselling and prescription approaches and the implementation of end-user engaged experiential learning opportunities in community-based exercise settings.

How do you like to spend your free time?

Moving and with good company. Anyone who knows me can attest that the greatest form of torture for me would be to sit me in a room alone haha. My current activities include beach volleyball, squash, swimming, cycling, and taking walking phone calls to chat with my friends and family in Ontario. Though my interests in sport and activity are like Rain or Shine ice cream flavours- there are so many great options to choose from, how do you pick just one?