British Columbia Graduate Scholarship | June 2022

The Province of British Columbia has launched the British Columbia Graduate Scholarship Award. This is a $15,000, one-time only, award offered to graduate students who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents, in any field of study.

Please see below to determine your eligibility:

  1. Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  2. PhD student who has achieved candidacy (successfully defended the research proposal, candidacy documentation submitted to RHSC graduate secretary)
  3. Full-time student
  4. Not holding more than $22,000/annum in scholarship funding. GSI and teaching assistant salary do not count toward this calculation.

To apply, please submit the following, as one pdf, to Cassandra at The complete application must include:

  1. A Tri-Agency Academic Common CV – NOT the draft version. The CV must include all sources of scholarship, fellowship, student stipends from grants or donors, or graduate research assistantships)
  2. UBC unofficial transcript
  3. 500 word personal statement which outlines to the Awards Committee why you should be the recipient of this award.

NOTICE OF AWARD:                       JUNE 30, 2022