Justin Turner Awarded Joseph-Armand Bombardier Scholarship (CGS-D)

Justin TurnerCongratulations to Justin Turner for being awarded the SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier Scholarship (CGS-D)! As a recipient of this award, Justin has the opportunity to fully concentrate on his doctoral studies, to seek out the best research mentors in his chosen field, and to contribute to the Canadian research ecosystem during and beyond the tenure of his award.

What type of research are you conducting?

My PhD research, supervised by Dr. Pat Camp, is based out of the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Research Laboratory (PRRL) at the UBC Centre for Heart Lung Innovation. With a policy-oriented lens and in formal partnership with social service organizations, I am using mixed methods to explore how individuals and service providers can foster resilience in the face of disruptive events, including the 2018 wildfires among First Nations communities in north central BC.

What award did you win, and how will this help your research?

I received the 3-year Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship Doctoral Award from SSHRC (aka SSHRC CGSD). This scholarship will support my living expenses during graduate school, enabling me to focus on my research training. My success in the 2020-2021 SSHRC competition is a testament to the exceptional collaborators and mentors who have supported me during my studies.

What do you like to do outside of academia?

Although graduate school can seem all-encompassing at times, I take to heart the importance of striving for a balanced life. Outside of academia, I enjoy visiting small towns and river valleys across Western Canada. I’ve also been working towards (non-academic) personal goals during my PhD studies by diligently going to the gym, spending time with friends and family, and working with a counsellor.