Excellence in Rehabilitation through Exceptional Graduate Studies

In our professional graduate programs in rehabilitation sciences, we strive to create outstanding learning and research experiences for occupational therapists, physical therapists and others with various health backgrounds. Through these opportunities, graduates advance the science of rehabilitation which aims to promote physical, mental and social well-being among people of all levels of ability. Our collaborative initiatives result in a reciprocal transfer of new knowledge among academic, clinical, and community settings. Graduates from our programs go on to become research scientists, clinical scientists and consultants to government, health authorities and other organizations with interests in rehabilitation.

To facilitate the advancement of the science of rehabilitation, faculty members from the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy and from  the Department of Physical Therapy bring together their wide range of research interests to provide an enriched learning environment. Graduate students participate in the interprofessional and interdisciplinary collaboration embraced by faculty members to produce high quality research. A variety of research methodologies, both quantitative and qualitative, are conducted with rigour and publishing is strongly encouraged.

Fields of Rehabilitation Science Research

Our world class researchers have many international connections and pursue discovery that aims to impact positively on people living with chronic health conditions. The following fields represent the many areas that graduate students may choose from, when considering a master’s or doctoral program:

  • skeletal muscle dysfunction
  • neural plasticity
  • experience of disability
  • functional outcomes
  • quality of life
  • culture
  • community integration
  • return to work
  • health promotion and wellness
  • injury prevention and
  • client-centered approaches in rehabilitation

Research Grants and Appointments

Rehabilitation Science research at UBC is very productive, with many faculty members holding CIHR, Michael Smith (provincial agency) and other national research grants. In addition, we have one endowed Chair and three faculty members who hold research scholar awards including a Canada Research Chair. Faculty are involved in ICORD, the Brain Research Centre, the Arthritis Research Centre, The Centre for Hip Health, Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute for Children’s and Women’s Health and other CIHR initiatives.