Canada Graduate Scholarships-Doctoral (CGS-D)

Applicants applying through UBC will either be:

  • currently registered in, or are on an approved leave of absence from, a degree program at UBC
  • not currently registered anywhere but was registered at any other time during the year of application (2023) in a degree program at UBC

If a student is not sure where to submit their application, they can consult the CGSD chart “Where should I submit my application?

Applications will be submitted via each of the agency platforms. The application portals are now open and applicants may begin preparing their applications:

NEW from 2022:

  • CIHR: The CIHR CGSD is now $35,000 stipend/year.  Previously, it was $30,000 stipend/year + $5,000 research allowance/year.
  • NSERC: Transcripts are now uploaded by applicants themselves directly into their NSERC online application; university staff do not upload transcripts into the online application system on behalf of applicants.

For detailed application instructions, nomination, and adjudication procedures that are specific to UBC, please visit:  The UBC webpage includes guidance for applicants on transcripts.

Important note regarding UBC Transcript requirements for 2023

UBC requires the provision of official transcripts as part of each application package. Please refer closely to the Application Procedures section of the CGSD web page for detailed information. Applications that do not provide official or allowable transcripts may be deemed ineligible.

UBC Affiliated Fellowships – Doctoral competition

The UBC Affiliated Fellowships doctoral competition runs in concert with the university-adjudicated Tri-Agency Canada Graduate Scholarships-Doctoral (CGS-D) competition. International students are eligible to apply for Affiliated Fellowships.

Affiliated Fellowship competition information and application/reference forms are available at:

Students who submit an NSERC, SSHRC, or CIHR doctoral award application are automatically considered for “unrestricted” Affiliated Fellowship awards and do not need to submit a separate Affiliated Fellowships application. To be considered for “criteria-based” affiliated fellowship(s), students must submit the criteria-based checklist to their graduate program by the application deadline.

Those applying only for the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship must submit a separate and complete Affiliated Fellowships application in order to be considered for the Affiliated Fellowships.

UBC Deadlines for the Tri-Agency CGSD / Affiliated Fellowships Doctoral Competitions

  • Applicant deadline: September 12, 2023 at 12:00 noon PT
  • Graduate program nomination deadline:  October 10, 2023 at 4:00 pm PT