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 Dr. Bill Miller Dr. Bill Miller
Chair of the Graduate Programs in Rehabilitation Sciences
OSOT Epidemiology, determinants and measurement of mobility disability among older adults, including the study balance and ambulation confidence, and assessment of assistive technology used to enable mobility disabled. 
barbic-skye-iii Dr. Skye Barbic
Associate Professor
OSOT Mental health, mental illness (specializing in young adults), recovery, supported employment; and understanding the role of clinical outcome assessment (specializing in Rasch Measurement) to inform relevant service needs of Canadians with mental illness. (604) 8220770

Dr. Lara Boyd Dr. Lara Boyd
PT Neuroplasticity, Neuroimaging, Stroke, Motor Learning, Brain Stimulation
(604) 822-7197
 Ddr Dr. Pat Camp
Associate Professor
PT Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Exercise, Chronic Lung Disease, Epidemiology,
Knowledge Translation
(604) 806-9144
 Dr. Kristin Campbell Dr. Kristin Campbell
PT Exercise, Cancer, Rehabilitation
(604) 827-4704
 Dr. Janice Eng Dr. Janice Eng
PT Neurorehabilitation, Stroke Recovery, Spinal Cord Injury, Exercise, Clinical Trials
(604) 714-4105
 Dr. Sue Forwell Dr. Sue Forwell
Head, OSOT
OSOT Chronic neurological conditions and their impact on chosen occupations. Current projects include fatigue in multiple sclerosis (MS); pain and fatigue in spinal cord injury (SCI); fatigue in traumatic brain injury (TBI); adults successfully living with MS; and significant life transitions. (604) 822-7410
Dr. Stephanie Glegg
Assistant Professor
OSOT Move knowledge into action to generate impact: to improve health services delivery and policy, to enhance health outcomes, and to advance the science of knowledge translation/ implementation science, evidence-informed practice, needs assessment, program development and evaluation, theory, research methods.
 Dr. Jordan Guenette Dr. Jordan Guenette
PT Exercise, Cardio-respiratory Physiology, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, COPD, Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Exercise Physiology Laboratory (604) 682-2344 ext: 62129
Dr. Julia Henderson
Assistant Professor
OSOT Older adults, cultural age studies, lived experience of dementia, personhood and social citizenship, intergenerational relations, qualitative methods, arts-based methods especially theatre and performance, occupational performance, participation, and quality of life.
 Dr. Liisa Holsti Dr. Liisa Holsti
OSOT Assessing and treating pain and stress in preterm infants in NCIU (604) 875-2000 ext: 5200
 Michael Hunt Dr. Michael Hunt
PT Biomechanics, Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, Osteoarthritis, Movement Analysis
(604) 827-4721
Dr. Suzanne Huot
Assistant Professor
OSOT Migrations, Populations, Cultural Exchanges (604) 822-7395
 Dr. Tal Jarus Dr. Tal Jarus
OSOT Motor learning with an emphasis on skill acquisition, retention and generalization.

Occupational performance, participation, health and well-being.

(604) 827-3392
 Dr. Linda Li Dr. Linda Li
PT Arthritis, Model of Care, Help-seeking, Communication Technology, Knowledge Translation
(604) 871-4577
 Dr. Teresa Liu-Ambrose Dr. Teresa Liu-Ambrose
PT Aging, Physical Activity, Mobility, Cognitive Function, Randomized Controlled Trials
(604) 875-4111 ext: 69059
Dr. Taru Manyanga
Affiliate Assistant Professor
PT Childhood and adolescent lifestyle behaviors (sleep, physical activity, sedentary behaviors); Rural/remote and northern health.
 Ben Mortenson Dr. Ben Mortenson
OSOT Assistive technology, social participation, caregiving and outcome measurement (604) 675-8870


Dr. Laura Nimmon
Associate Professor
OSOT Healthcare team dynamics, patient centered care,  qualitative research methods, ethnography, social network analysis, health communication, health literacy (604) 875-4111 ext. 21256


Dr. Courtney Pollock
Assistant Professor
Dr. Brodie Sakakibara
Assistant Professor
OSOT Chronic disease self-management and prevention, Telehealth, Measurement of chronic disease, Complex behavioural intervention, patient-oriented research
 Dr. Alex Scott Dr. Alex Scott
PT Tendinopathy, Overuse Injuries, Mechanotherapy, Intramuscular Stimulation (604) 827-4959
Dr. Julia Schmidt
Assistant Professor
OSOT Brain injury rehabilitation, cognitive impairment, self-awareness, self-identity, neurological responses to injury and recovery
(604) 714 4105
 Dr. Naznin Virji-Babul Dr. Naznin Virji-Babul
Associate Professor
PT Concussion/Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, Perception-Action Coupling, Mirror Neurons, Facial Expression
(604) 827-4966
Dr. Jackie Whittaker
Associate Professor
PT A lifespan approach to preventing osteoarthritis, Injury prevention, Musculoskeletal rehabilitation, Exercise-therapy
 Jill Zwicker Dr. Jill Zwicker
Associate Professor
OSOT Using advanced neuroimaging techniques, she examines brain differences in children with developmental coordination disorder and explores early brain development in relation to neurodevelopmental outcomes of premature newborns. (604) 875-2345 ext. 5948