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We offer a program for advanced research study and original investigation in Rehabilitation Sciences at the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) level. This program is governed by the general requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy as described by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Program Focus

The program will focus on the discipline of rehabilitation sciences, the study of providing treatment and education to persons with temporary or permanent disability to return them to maximum function, well-being and personally-satisfying levels of independence. Top

Program Description

A thesis-based Master’s degree in rehabilitation sciences, or other related fields of study along with appropriate undergraduate and graduate courses, are normally required for admission. Appropriate coursework will be selected in consultation with the candidate’s committee and will depend on the student’s background and field of study. Each student is required to take RHSC 500 and RHSC 502 as part of their program of study; other electives are available (see RHSC course listing)All candidates are required to complete a written and oral comprehensive examination after completion of all course work. Following the comprehensive examination, the student will present a formal thesis proposal for approval by the candidate’s committee before proceeding to the research which will culminate in a formal thesis defence. The major requirement of the PhD is completion of a research thesis demonstrating ability to conduct significant and original scientific research.


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The objectives of this program are to:


  • To prepare students to conduct independent and collaborative research in the discipline of rehabilitation sciences.
  • To facilitate students to conduct significant and original research which will contribute to the body of evidence-based rehabilitation practice.
  • To prepare rehabilitation scholars and scientists for leadership roles in academia, public health, education and industry.
  • To fill a societal demand for the need of doctoral trained individuals in the discipline of rehabilitation to fill current and expected faculty vacancies in Canada.
  • To enhance the links between theoretical advances and practice through the development of the conceptual knowledge base of rehabilitation.
  • To develop leaders in rehabilitation research who can initiate and complete novel, innovative and effective rehabilitation treatments.

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