Thesis Proposal Meeting

Policy: Each MSc student will be required to make a formal presentation of her/his thesis proposal to members of the Supervisory Committee, other interested faculty members and fellow graduate students.

Position Responsible Procedures
MSc Student
1) The graduate student will submit a written thesis proposal (using the thesis proposal form) to all members of the Supervisory Committee for their review and feedback. Committee members will provide timely (within 3 weeks) written feedback to the student for revision of the proposal, as needed. Once the written proposal has been approved by all members of the Supervisory Committee, the Supervisory Committee Chair, in conjunction with the graduate student, will schedule a thesis proposal meeting at a time that is mutually agreeable to the student and all members of the Supervisory Committee.
Supervisory Committee Chair 2) The Supervisory Committee Chair will inform all School faculty and all current graduate students of the date, time and location of the thesis proposal meeting at least three weeks prior to the meeting. (A copy of the proposal should be submitted to the CSS so that interested parties may view the proposal before the meeting).
MSc Student 3) The graduate student will prepare and present a 30 minute summary of the proposed thesis research, including statement of the problem, review of relevant literature, proposed methodology, hypotheses and/or research questions, and proposed data analysis procedures.
Supervisory Committee 4) The Supervisory Committee Chair will invite questions first from the members of the Supervisory Committee and then from other guests in attendance at the thesis proposal meeting. Following the question and answer session, the MSc student and all invited guests will be excused from the room while the Supervisory Committee deliberates about the MSc student’s readiness to proceed with the thesis research. Members of the committee will vote as to whether or not the student is ready to proceed.

5) The Supervisory Committee Chair will invite the MSc student back into the room and advise her/him of the outcome of the deliberations and vote of the members of the Supervisory Committee. If the committee has deemed that the student is not ready to proceed, specific feedback will be provided to the student about how to improve the thesis proposal.

MSc Student
Supervisory Committee
6) The student will re-write the proposal, the committee will review the rewritten proposal, and a follow-up thesis proposal meeting will be scheduled.

School policies are for internal clarification or operations purposes and are not intended to supersede University policy.