RAINCOAT Podcast Receives $1,000 AMS Funding

RAINCOAT (Research And INnovation for COllective impAcT) aims to instill a different mindset of how academia, industry, and communities can work together on complex problems and improve knowledge translation.

What is the inspiration behind RAINCOAT?

Knowledge Translation and its’ idea of researchers interacting with knowledge users has immense potential but has not been used to the fullest, as academia is guided by inflexible processes. This gap catalyzed the start of RAINCOAT. We are aiming to instill a different mindset of how knowledge from academia is not a one-way street, but a two-way street where knowledge of industry professionals and community members are key in addressing societal problems and can improve the dynamic process of knowledge translation.

Past Episodes on RAINCOAT:

In our first episode with Dr. Liisa Holsti and Dr. Manon Ranger, you will learn about how CALMER has a soothing effect on babies to decrease pain. You’ll also learn the importance of engaging stakeholders to create a meaningful product. Our episode with Dr. Mary Jung and Tineke Dineen will share all about Small Steps for Big Changes and how community programs can be developed collaboratively with local organizations to ultimately prevent onset of diabetes. In our third episode with Tanelle Bolt and Dr. Bill Miller, you will learn about recreational activity and physical disabilities, and how RAD Society addresses a huge gap in recovery for people with disabilities

Upcoming Features on RAINCOAT:

Our upcoming episodes will feature Dr. Noah Silverberg and Thalia Otamendi, who will be sharing the details on their national M4 clinical trial. You can also look forward to an episode with the CEOs of Ayogo Health and Digital Health Circle where we highlight their flourishing partnership.

Outside of your own research, school and RAINCOAT, what do you like to do in your free time?

In our free time, we enjoy trying out new foods, spending time outdoors, and playing tennis!

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